The Certiwrap 80 wraparound cartoner is designed to accommodate the sleeving of low-profile meal trays, tubs and pots either individually or in a variety of multi-pack configurations, such as single-row and double-row. Carton blanks are placed atop collated tubs or trays and folded around the product(s) to form the final package. Certiwrap cartoners satisfy a wide range of different products and carton styles and shapes, including full, economy, watch strap style, gussetted and other carton profiles to suit the changing packaging requirements of various food sectors. Thanks to its predominantly stainless steel construction, the Certiwrap 80 is suitable for use in the washdown conditions of the dairy and meat processing industries.

KW’s simple-to-use screen menu system with recipe-based programming eliminates operator error and ensures consistent performance regardless of shift or operator skill.

KW’s extremely reliable continuous-motion reciprocating feeder arm precisely places carton blanks in a ‘vertical dropoff position’ and onto the carton forwarding conveyor above the products.

The Certiwrap 80 features a simple pneumatic gate infeed with a 4-foot product infeed conveyor, a well-proven, reliable infeed timing mechanism that provides maximum efficiency with minimum waste.

Recipe-based programming and simple mechanical hand wheels with digital counters make three dimensional size changes easy, quick and repeatable.

The unique open design of the Certiwrap provides high visibility, easy accessibility and superior sanitary construction. Simply lifting the hinged safety doors provides total access for maintenance.

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