Kliklok-Woodman’s ECT machines are hot-melt adhesive-style topload carton and tray forming machines. The innovative indexing turret provides remarkable carton control and is capable of handling an impressive array of carton and tray designs, from typical four-corner styles to complex hexagonal, octagonal and other unusual multi-sided packages.

Following the feed stroke, the carton remains fixed to the forming mandrel through the entire forming process. Superior carton control yields a reliable finished carton, and the ability to handle aged or warped carton stock.

The reciprocating forming and compression motion on the ECT provides exceptional carton sealing. The double compression results in flawless, square cartons.

Standard equipment on the ECT and oriented to exit either left or right, the conveyor offers investment savings along with layout flexibility.

The ECT’s innovative technology provides discrete carton feeding, glue application, forming and finished carton strip-off at progressive turret positions with short, controlled movements and smooth mechanical action.

Lightweight, dimensionally accurate, long wearing and provide unusually quiet operation.

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