The Vari-Straight is a straight-line closer for tri-seal cartons that takes Kliklok-Woodman’s revolutionary variable pitch technology to a higher level. To provide a controlled carton turn without a change in direction, the unique turning bed features “pop-up” turning bars that capture the cartons and guide them through a 90° turn and into the charlotte closing section. The inherent slip and timing issues associated with conventional “lugless” carton closers are eliminated. The Vari-Straight design was based upon the extremely popular Vari-Right closer with variable pitch technology. The Vari-Straight provides increased plant layout flexibility, greater speed and more opportunities for higher productivity.

Kliklok’s patented “pop-up lug” technology fires lugs only when a carton is present, providing the benefits of lugged carton control and random infeed timing, allowing a broad carton size range.

Flawless registration is achieved by first folding the trailing charlotte flap, ensuring consistent alignment of the front tuck and the charlotte flaps, reducing carton waste and offering ideal presentation of the final package.

The patented turning bed relies on an offset variable pitch lug transport and a revolutionary “pop-up flight bar” to effortlessly and accurately turn the cartons. Carton control is positively maintained from the tuck sealing section through the charlotte sealing station, providing a superior final carton appearance.

KW’s industry-leading Insight® color graphic touch screen HMI is intuitive and self tutoring. Automatic programming eliminates operator error and ensures consistent performance regardless of shift or operator skill. Enhanced diagnostics are standard.

Automatic program setup and simple mechanical hand wheels with digital counters make 3-D size changes easy, repeatable and achievable in less than ten minutes.

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