The Vari-Pitch CFS, ST and DF carton closers combine Kliklok-Woodman’s revolutionary variable pitch technology with single-flap hot-melt sealing or mechanical tucking in a highly functional and compact design. Like the Vari-Right and Vari-Straight, their tri-seal cousins, the Vari-Pitch machines incorporate the benefits of lugged carton control and random infeed timing. By ensuring positive carton control through the “on-demand” creation of flight centers, the Vari-Pitch CFS, ST and DF are able to consistently deliver remarkably superior final packages.

Kliklok’s patented “pop-up lug” technology fires lugs only when a carton is present, providing the benefits of lugged carton control and random infeed timing, allowing a broad carton size range.

Eliminating charlotte and front tuck flaps significantly reduces carton costs. Seal-tuck and dust flap cartons (left) offer reclosability as a consumer convenience. CFS cartons provide a more rigid, durable bottom panel.

Constructed of a welded tubular stainless steel frame, the Vari-Pitch machines are rated IP64 for tough environments. The Vari-Pitch CFS and ST, built on the same 3-meter-long frame, are perfect for those with limited floor space.

KW’s industry-leading Insight® color graphic touch screen HMI is intuitive and self tutoring. Automatic programming eliminates operator error and ensures consistent performance regardless of shift or operator skill. Enhanced diagnostics are standard.

Automatic program setup and simple mechanical hand wheels with digital counters make 3-D size changes easy, repeatable and achievable in less than ten minutes.

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