One of the main features of Kliklok-Woodman’s SFR (Small Footprint Rotary) endload cartoner is its compact design, a great advantage for customers with limited floor space. The machine’s modular design concept allows the ability to accept a variety of infeed options. In addition to stainless steel construction and high floor clearance, its inner sloping plates help deflect any product or carton waste from the working parts of the machine, making the SFR very easy to clean. The SFR’s efficient footprint is nearly 25% shorter and narrower than competitive systems. With rated production speeds up to 135 CPM, the SFR offers high productivity in a minimum amount of floor space.

The SFR’s compact design is perfect for those with limited floor space, and its small size allows room for auxiliary equipment, such as open-flap detect/reject modules.

KW’s industry-leading Insight® color graphic touch screen HMI is intuitive and self tutoring. Automatic programming eliminates operator error and ensures consistent performance regardless of shift or operator skill.

KW’s patented rotary carton feeder is the fastest, most positive in the industry. The straight-pick motion pre-breaks cartons out of the gate and short, rigid bars minimize deflection. The motion profile erects cartons in the direction of product flow with a 30% greater carton-open time.

The SFR has three infeed and product insertion options to fit your packaging needs. Our barrel cam inserter is paired with a flighted infeed conveyor, while our narrow profile inserter can be paired with an open flight conveyor or Smartbelt infeed timer.

Easy-to-read digital indicators are placed at adjustment points to aid in size change. The indicators enable the operator to easily, accurately and repeatably achieve three-dimensional size changes.

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