The G3 and G3c bring a new level of operator ease of use, speeds, and package size flexibility to applications including: potato chips, tortilla chips, corn chips, pretzels, snack crackers, popcorn and all other salted snacks. The G3 series are twin-tube “Universal Bagmakers”, capable of producing a wide range of bag sizes with consistent performance throughout the range, thanks to its servo motion controls and auto program setup. The G3 and G3c offer a variety of bag style options, including block bottom bags, perforated bag string, promotional strip, notching and hole punching. They feature KW’s most advanced servo motion control of the film pull belts, end-seal jaws and stripping for quieter, smoother and faster operation than ever before. The G3c Constant Motion Bagmaker produces up to 120 bpm per tube. The G3 series’ frame is designed for direct mounting of filling systems — reducing the need for a support structure or mezzanine — yet is wide open for access to the interior of the machine. The G3 series machines have a smaller footprint than most twin-tube bagmakers of its capability thanks to the recessed electrical cabinets.

Woodman’s proven programmable stripping and product clamp and settler ensure that even the trickiest snack foods will be perfectly packaged every time.

KW’s industry-leading Insight® color graphic touch screen HMI is intuitive and self tutoring. Automatic programming eliminates operator error and ensures consistent performance regardless of shift or operator skill. Enhanced diagnostics are standard.

The film supply is simple, reducing downtime spent threading film due to our festooned dancer bars. The film unwind is direct-drive, eliminating secondary braking and providing perfectly matched film tension to the pull belts.

The G3’s open frame design offers unparalleled maintenance access into the heart of the machine, yet is strong enough to support a filling system.

The electrical enclosure is recessed inside the frame, creating a smaller footprint and adding to the ease of accessibility.

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