Woodman Apache CM

The Apache CM bagmaker brings a revolutionary continuous motion sealing system to the acclaimed Apache bagmaker. Apache CM uses non-proprietary, top-tier, Allen-Bradley® machine control components in a full servo design for increased reliability and lower total cost of ownership. Built on a cost-saving “Flex-Mount” welded tubular steel frame, this center-balanced frame is designed to bear the weight of weighers, augers and volumetric fillers, eliminating the need for independent support structures and mezzanines, and the low overall machine height provides greater installation flexibility.

A unique rotary back seal requires no drive motor. The simple pressure controlled systems uses a Teflon® sealing band and is self-aligning to ensure consistent smoothly ironed seals. Set up is virtually fool proof reducing changeover time and film waste.

The electrical enclosure swings away from the frame to allow total access to the machine interior from either side, improving sanitation and reducing maintenance downtime.

The Apache CM can safely hold a film roll up to 25” in external diameter, weighing up to 300 lbs, providing extended run time at high speed. An optional film rack keeps another full roll at the ready for fast splicing and minimal downtime.

KW’s industry-leading Insight® color graphic touch screen HMI is intuitive and self tutoring. Automatic programming eliminates operator error and ensures consistent performance regardless of shift or operator skill. Enhanced diagnostics are standard.

The patented sealing motion is based on a hypocycloidal geometric path. This motion generates a linear output from a pure, rotary input, providing extended seal dwell time, high speeds and superior seal integrity across a wide range of materials.

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