Play Ball!

baseball glove batThe call we've been waiting for all winter long has finally been made! The boys of summer are back on the fields and the fans in the stands are hungrily gobbling up all kinds of ballpark delicacies.

food live hot dog at parkThey're snacking on peanuts packaged by Woodman Apache bagmakers and Cracker Jack® packaged by Woodman Polaris bagmakers. They're munching on hot dogs, corn dogs and brats packaged by Kliklok topload cartoners like the Vari-Right Closer and SR4W Former, and burgers packaged by Kliklok Enterprise and SFR endload cartoners

Apache Bagmaker - Peanut Packaging

Vari-Straight Topload Closer - Corn Dog "Hood Cover" Packaging at 200 cpm

Enterprise Endload Cartoner - Bratwurst Burgers