Bosch LifeClip EN 4C Right 90pxh"Saddle Up For Success!" was the slogan for Snaxpo 2016 in Houston, Texas, and it was Kliklok-Woodman's first show as part of the Bosch Group. Many folks came by Booth 615 to say howdy!


Merger Timeline bagmaker puzzle piece 1

September 22, 2015 — Just a week before Pack Expo Las Vegas, the announcement is made that The Bosch Group intends to purchase Kliklok-Woodman, which will become part of Bosch Packaging Technology. See the Bosch PR.

December 1 and 8, 2015 — Closing of the sales take place at Kliklok-Woodman headquarters in Decatur, GA, and at Kliklok International in Bristol, UK. "Day One" celebrations welcoming KW and KIL associates to the Bosch Family are held at both locations. See video below!

January 13, 2016 — Kliklok-Woodman hosts an Open House for 100+ Bosch Associates attending the North American Sales Meeting in Atlanta.

What's Next? bagmaker puzzle piece 2

The Kliklok and Woodman names will live on for a time, and our product lines will continue. Both our sites in the USA and UK will work together to ensure that our comprehensive range of endload, topload and wraparound cartoners, our bagmakers, and our product handling systems, will enjoy even greater global reach within the framework of Bosch Packaging Technology.  As the Center of Competency (CoC) for Mid-Range Secondary Packaging (endload cartoning and topload cartoning) and Snack Food Bagmakers the Decatur facility will lead the deployment of the Kliklok and Woodman technology to other regions in the Bosch world.

Most Importantly:

Our commitment to our customers will never waiver. We will be Keeping The Promise for a long time to come!