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Woodman Packaging Machines have been hard at work in snack food factories since 1947, when Herman Lay of the H.W. Lay Company (now Frito-Lay) began using a Woodman weigher and bagger to package his Lay's Potato Chips (read more). Nearly 70 years later, Lay's factories all over the world use new and veteran Woodman bagmakers. Many other long-time customers also recognize the value of a Woodman packaging machine — it's in the quality, durability, flexibility, and reliability of every bagmaker we build, and it's in the top-notch service we provide.

Performance is Guaranteed — in the rugged dependability of the Frontier, the flexibility of the P3 and G3 series, and the 160-bpm high speed of the Apache CM.

Technology is Advanced — in our exclusive programmable product clamp and settler, the Apache CM's hypocycloidal drive, and Insight® touch screen HMI.

Support is Assured —  with PMMI Certified Training, in-stock parts availability, and immediate help when needed.

Longevity is Proven — some of the Polaris D and E bagmakers built in the late 1980s are still in use, and we still support them.

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