Kliklok-Woodman's endload cartoners have packaged just about everything. The original Swanson TV Brand dinners. Toys. Pies. Modern-day frozen meals. Brassieres. Cookies. Cling wrap. Crackers. Waffles and pancakes. Girdles. Burger patties. Beer. Pizza. Pest traps. Tea bags. Croutons and stuffing. Snack Trays. The list goes on and on.

Kliklok's early history in endload cartoning is followed by video links. Enjoy!

Kliklok Tips 065 Captain S Kliklok Corporation entered the horizontal endload cartoning business in 1960 with the Captain and Skipper lines of machines, sometimes produced by a subsidiary called Head-Seal. Oddly enough, just a few years earlier, an unusually long six-page Kliklok Tips extolled the many advantages of Kliklok topload machines over the relatively new end-tuck concept!

Regardless, the Kliklok tradition of building extremely durable, reliable and versatile topload cartoning machinery carried over into the new venture, and by 1962, the pitch was: "Don't order an end-loading machine until you see the CAPTAIN!"

"Kliklok Versatility Stirs Imagination"

Kliklok Tips 051 DF Captain LineBy the middle of 1964, Kliklok formers and Head-Seal endloaders were being incorporated into the same packaging line! One line for a "popular dessert product" featured a Kliklok machine forming an octagonal tray, a Head-Seal feeder placing a fluted liner in the tray, and a Captain C loading the filled tray into the retail carton.

Kliklok Tips 051 Kliktab Carton 200pxh Kliklok's "end-tuck" cartoning machines offered closure methods carried over from the topload cartoning business; the standard was the Kliktab lock closure, also called "Edgelock" and "Frostlock", while a hot-melt wheel applicator was available, as well as heat-seal (which uses extremely hot air to melt adhesives pre-applied to the carton). The Kliktab closure is shown in the video "Contemporary Captain: Swanson TV Dinners".

According to the December 1966 issue of Kliklok Tips, there were almost 150 Captains in operation. That's 150 new endload machines in just five years!

The Captain line continued well into the 1990s, with the last three Captain H machines being built in the late 2000s for a customer who was so pleased with their previous Captain H machines that they insisted on purchasing Captain endloaders over the latest-and-greatest endload cartoners.

Kliklok Tips 345 Captain H Rotary Carton Feeder Pic 2 300Kliklok contributed many advancements to endload cartoning methods over the years, but the single most astounding development came around 1990: the Kliklok rotary carton feeder. The patended motion profile of the Kliklok feeder provides a straight-pick motion which minimizes vacuum cup deflection and wear, and allows the use of recycled and economy paperboard -- at speeds up to 325 cartons per minute.

The three-arm servo-driven feeder is standard on all Kliklok endload cartoners today. A rare four-arm version of the feeder runs at a staggering 400+ cartons -- on a Captain H!

Today's endload cartoners include the small-footprint SFR, the high-performance Celox, and our latest flagship: the Enterprise.

Please enjoy the following video presentations!

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