Continuous-Motion VFFS Machines Gaining in Popularity

Apache CM BagmakerKliklok-Woodman's Apache bagmakers are designed to package non-snack products in bags up to 13.75" wide by 22" long. Stuff like shelled peanuts, candy, cookies, mini-muffins, pasta, cereals and even powders. Stop by Booth C-2603 at Pack Expo Las Vegas to see the Apache CM bag ground coffee! (Click here to get complimentary registration! Then stop by for a demonstration!)

Since the Apache's introduction just a few years ago, KW has produced 82 of them. The intermittent motion Apache can reliably bag products at speeds up to 120 bpm, but the continuous motion Apache CM can churn out bags at a whopping 160 bpm. How?

Our Hypocycloidal Sealing Motion!

apache-cm-hypocycloidal one frame playOur patented sealing motion is based on a hypocycloidal geometric path. This motion generates a linear output from a pure rotary input, providing extended seal dwell time, higher speeds and superior seal integrity across a wide range of materials.

The animation at left demonstrates how it works.

Watch the Apache CM in Action Below!