The Woodman Frontier

THE Durable, Economical Bagmaker for Emerging Markets and Startups

Video: KW's new Frontier VFFS bagmaker with a
Flex-Mounted Yamato 310 Alpha weigher,
bagging dehydrated potato "chips" at 75 bpm.


"Emerging markets" and "startups" are becoming buzz words in the packaging machinery industry. This year's location for Snackex in Turkey, one of the top "emerging markets", shows that trade associations, suppliers and investors are keenly interested in developing new business in these countries.

Startup food producers in emerging markets - or anywhere, for that matter - need economical and reliable packaging machinery to get their product to market. The Woodman Frontier is the ideal vertical bagmaker for these markets.

The Frontier is the updated design of the Compak II, one of the industry's leading economical bagmakers, with more than 170 machines built and installed in emerging markets all over the world.

KW FrontierKey Frontier Features for Startups and Emerging Markets

  • Simple to operate with Insight® multi-lingual touchscreen
  • Simple to configure, change and maintain
  • Rugged Flex-Mount frame designed to support filling machinery, reducing overhead
  • Enhanced seal pressure to ensure lower-quality films seal properly
  • Globally-available components and off-the-shelf electronics and motors

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