Smart-Bunny-Glori-Pak-3-eggsAll because Kliklok invented the Glori-Pak Tray, the special showcase carton that has safely carried hollow chocolate bunnies to our homes for years and years!Smart-Bunny-Glori-Pak-225x200

Easter-Glori-Pak-Vintage-DSC06993-187The Glori-Pak Tray is a single-piece construction formed from a flat paperboard blank. Adroitly designed, beautifully printed and cleverly mechanized, the package provides shelf appeal for any product displayed in it. When chocolate bunnies were first nestled in the "shadow box", Easter packaging was changed forever! Many variations and sizes of Glori-Pak Trays have been designed over the years.

Smart-Bunny-Glori-Pak-1-eggKliklok has been providing topload, endload and wraparound cartoning machines for manufacturers of candy, confections and sweets for a long, long time. Follow the links below to see a Vintage Video of a chocolate bar packaging line, and one of our old "Kliklok Tips" about our early days in the industry.

Chunky-Carton-Vintage-DSC06932-125pxhWatch Vintage
Video #256
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Tips No. 26