Woodman-Air-Weigh-System-photosNATIONAL POTATO CHIP INSTITUTE CONFERENCE, 1947 - Herman Lay of the H.W. Lay Company was elected president of the NPCI at this year's conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Among the exhibitors was The Woodman Company, business associates of Herman Lay who have been engineering and perfecting a new machine in his Atlanta potato chip plant. The Air Weigh automatic potato chip weighing and bagging machine they brought to the show is about to revolutionize the industry. Packaging speeds will increase, product loss due to damage will be virtually eliminated, production will increase, and more and more potato chip trucks will be travelling American roadways.

Premade bags were used for the next decade, until The Woodman Company once again revolutionized the industry when it developed the first truly integrated snack food bagmaker able to automatically weigh product and form, fill and seal bags. Nearly seventy years after Air Weigh, Woodman bagmakers are as common in the snack food industry as those potato chip trucks once were.

Today's Woodman bagmakers are built with the same dedication to quality, durability and reliability as their predecessors. Watch the videos below to see the important features of these fantastic machines...

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