Kliklok-Woodman recently installed a high-speed topload cartoning line at a Brazilian candy factory. The ECT-500D twin-turret, glue-style former can form cartons at a maximum rate of 160 cpm. The Vari-Pitch ST (Seal-Tuck) closer was upgraded with under-running pop-up lugs to achieve a max speed of 180 cpm. The upgraded Robatech hot-melt glue system applies a six-dot pattern to the front tuck panel at high speed.

The popular bon-bon variety pack cartons were previously "tuck-in" style cartons with a shrink film overwrap for tamper prevention. The cartons are now glue-sealed with three patterns that are tamper-evident yet easy for the consumer to open. The shrink film overwrap is eliminated, and with it, extra machine and consumables costs. This Kliklok-Woodman cartoning line has proved so effective that the same ECT-500D former and Vari-Pitch ST closer are being considered for a second line in another candy factory.

Watch the machines in action in the video below!

Click HERE to view a 1970s Vintage Video of a candy packaging line...