It Began with a Promise...

A promise between a food producer, an inventive machinist, and a vendor of the most basic packaging materials. A promise to create the solution to an emerging problem: meet the packaging needs of a demanding economy through technology. From that first prototype and the machines that followed, a company called Kliklok evolved. And for nearly 70 years we’ve upheld our commitment to provide solutions to the needs of the packaging industry. Today, Kliklok-Woodman’s commitment goes beyond the trust between individuals. Some of the world’s leading companies have relied on KW’s systems throughout their corporate history. In many ways we’ve helped them become the best in their businesses by being the best in our own.


Watch the original The Kliklok Promise!

To do that, we build reliable, high-quality machinery that stands the test of time. We design machines to be versatile, such as Kliklok's Enterprise endload cartoner, with a modular design that allows multiple infeed options, including adjustable article buckets and an overhead confiner for bag-in-box applications, as well as numerous ancillary devices. We design our machines to be high-performance workhorses, so the Enterprise features our patented rotary carton feeder, the fastest, most positive in the industry.

Innovation is a key part of our promise to provide the best packaging machinery. It's why we developed the TransFormer, a topload carton former that can form 120 cartons a minute with a single head, hold twice as many blanks as any other former, and switch from lock to glue forming in minutes.

As consumer decisions are often influenced by packaging, sometimes it's the packaging itself that embodies our promise rather than the machines. Walk down a snack food aisle and you'll see all sorts of food packaged by dependable Woodman bagmakers. You may also see them in our BalePack, a new method of snack food packaging and merchandising that improves shelf presentation and display density. Made by the Woodman Vantage Multi-bag Baler, the BalePack reduces materials, labor and shipping costs.

At KW, the Promise lives on.