Development of the industry-first packaging systems that efficiently handle delicate products at high speeds, Kliklok-Woodman has installed more packaging machines in the snack food industry than any other company. Today, Woodman products encompass the most complete range of bagmakers available to snack food, confectionary, and nut producers.


Topload Carton Formers and Closers

KW invented the mechanical lock-formed carton and have consistently led the industry with product innovation — from lock-formers and glue-formers to our new Variable-Pitch carton closers.


Endload Cartoners

Kliklok-Woodman carefully engineers exacting application requirements based on specific speeds and size-ranges. Customized solutions from a wide range of endload cartoner options insure proven performance.



The breadth of our current product line and the steady pace of our ongoing innovations allow us to match a complete range of bagmakers with the right filling system. KW delivers the advantage unmatched total-system performance.


Multi-Bag Baler

As an original developer in the wraparound solution our experience with varied applications provides industry leadership. KW offers multiple machines to handle everything from single-component packages to stacked and multiple-component packaging.